International symposium on intensive care & emergency medicine

March 19-22, 2024

Brussels Congress Center, Brussels

Publisher‘s Links

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ICU Management & Practice


ICU Management & Practice focuses on best practice, leadership and management of critically ill patients based on the most recent clinical developments. The journal aims to address the constant need to improve quality of care and to provide ‘more for less’, and to provide guidance on leadership and management issues, as many clinicians lack specific training in management.

Produced four times per year under the stewardship of Prof. Jean-Louis Vincent and a distinguished international editorial board, the journal has become the point of reference in the increasingly sophisticated area of intensive care, emergency medicine and anaesthesiology.

The journal is a supporter of the International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) and works in close collaboration with the most important international associations and congresses.

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Intensive Care Monitor


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Journal of Clinical Medicine


Journal of Clinical Medicine (ISSN 2077-0383), is an international scientific open access journal, providing a platform for advances in health care/clinical practices, the study of direct observation of patients and general medical research. This multi-disciplinary journal is aimed at a wide audience of medical researchers and healthcare professionals.

The journal is indexed by the SCIE, PubMed, and many other databases. The Impact Factor of JCM is 3.303 (2019), ranking 36/165 (Q1) under the category "Medicine, General & Internal".

For further information of the journal, please see: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/jcm and follow the journal twitter (@JCM_MDPI)

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Scientific Society Links

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American College of Emergency Physicians


The College’s Office of Public Affairs is the organization’s primary point of contact for the news media. It also develops intormation materials on ACEP-related health care policy and custumer health and safty issues.

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American Thoracic Society (ATS)


The American Thoracic Society is an international professional scientific society for respiratory and critical care medicine which prevents and fights respiratory disease through research, education, patient care and advocacy. The long range goal of the Society is to decrease morbidity and mortality from respiratory diseases and life threatening acute illnesses.

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Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS)


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Dutch Intensive Care Society (NVIC)


De vereniging heeft tot doel de Intensive Care Geneeskunde in Nederland te ontwikkelen en de huidige professionalisering te stimuleren in de ruimste zin van het woord. Een belangrijk onderdeel hiervan betreft de beroepsbelangen van huidige en aanstaande intensivisten en artsen werkzaam op Intensive Care afdelingen in Nederland.

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European Shock Society


The European Shock Society is a non-profit making organization established to advance the study of shock, experimentally and clinically by encouraging the international exchange of knowledge and ideas.

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European Society for Emergency Medicine


The European Society for Emergency Medicine is a European forum for physicians who work within a structure providing pre-, inter- and/or in-hospital emergency medical care. The objective of the society is to promote the advancement of Emergency Medicine in Europe.

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European Society of Anaesthesiology


The European Society of Anaesthesiologists was constituted with the following aims:

    1.To provide continuing education for anaesthesiologists in Europe.
    2.To help to advance the organization of training and improvements in the qualifications of anaesthesiologists in Europe.
    3.To encourage and promote experimental and clinical research and to facilitate the presentation and publication of the results within Europe.
    4.To publicize the work of anaesthesiologists in relation to other medical disciplines.
    5.To encourage exchanges between European anaesthesiologists.
    6.To make recommendations for improvements in the standards of clinical practice in anaesthesiology in Europe.

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European Society of Intensive Care Medicine


The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) is an international non profit-making association of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other allied healthcare professionals. The society, which has over 8,500 active members from 109 countries, is devoted to the promotion of intensive care medicine, the advancement of scientific research, as well as the provision of educational courses and professional development in the field.

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French Intensive Care Society


The French Intensive Care Society (FICS) has two main areas:

continuing medical education and post-university teaching,
promotion of clinical research and assessment of hospital-based intensive care

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International Sepsis Forum


The International Sepsis Forum (ISF) is a unique collaborative effort between industry and academia. It is the first initiative to focus solely on management of patients with severe sepsis.
The mission of the ISF is to improve the understanding and clinical management of patients with severe sepsis. To achieve this, the ISF is undertaking a broad range of activities including workshops, lectures, debates, and practical or practice guideline development and training programs for researchers, intensivists, and critical care professionals worldwide.

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Sociedad Iberoamericana de Información Científica (SIIC)


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Societa Italiana di anestesia analgesia rianimazione e terapia intensivia


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Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)


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Society of Critical Care Medicine


The Society of Critical Care Medicine is a multidisciplinary, multispecialty, international organization whose mission is to secure the highest quality care for all critically ill patients by promoting the superiority of a multidisciplinary, ICU-based, intensivist-directed team for delivery of the highest quality, cost-efficient critical care.

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Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine (SECCM)


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The International Fluid Academy (IFA)


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Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine (WICCM)


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Medical Links

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Doctor's Guide to the Internet


Doctor's Guide to the Internet is brought to you by P\S\L Consulting Group Inc., an organization dedicated to providing the information and information services most likely to help promote the informed and appropriate use of medicines by health care professionals and organizations as well as by the people to whom they are prescribed.
To this end, Doctor's Guide was designed to help physicians cost-effectively harness the resources of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

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European Journal of Emergency Medicine


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Other congresses on Intensive Care Medicine

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35th SMART Congress

From 29/5/2024 to 31/5/2024
In Milan, Italy

Phone : +39 02 67071383
Email : info@startpromotion.it
Website : https://www.smartonweb.org/

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36th Panamerican Congress of Trauma

From 21/8/2024 to 23/8/2024
In Lima, Virtual

Phone : +1 804-827-0242
Email : gladys.shanklin.@vcuhealth.org
Website : https://panamtrauma.org/

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ESICM - 37th Annual Congress

From 5/10/2024 to 9/10/2024
In Barcelona, Spain

Email : congress@esicm.org
Website : https://www.esicm.org/

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2024 BACCN

From 7/10/2024 to 8/10/2024
In Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Phone : 0844 800 8843
Email : support@baccn.org
Website : http://www.baccn.org/conference

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Mechanical Ventilation Conference 2024

From 16/10/2024 to 19/10/2024
In Oceanside, United States

Phone : 800-323-2688
Email : cme@mayo.edu
Website : https://www.mayo.edu

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From 26/9/2025 to 27/9/2025
In Milan, Italy

Phone : +39 0535 640261
Email : purification.therapies@aferetica.com
Website : https://www.purificationtherapies.com/

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